Frequently, I meet people who wish for a life they don’t have. Some want a more meaningful career, an extraordinary relationship, to grow their business, or to realize a life-long dream. I meet leaders who concede that with each growth target met, they’re slowly losing themselves, as the quality of their lives outside of the office diminishes. Still others talk about a life they see as completely out of reach – one with less stress and more space.

My clients are radically courageous people. Why? Because they stop wanting and waiting, and what’s more, they stop devaluing the quiet calling from within their hearts. They understand the value of investing in a high-level of collaboration, direction, accountability, feedback and encouragement on behalf of their professional and personal development. When my clients say YES to themselves in the context of coaching they put a stake in the ground for their goals, dreams and aspirations – and for the answers to the deeper questions in life – ones that lead to greater purpose, fulfillment and joy.

My experience time and again, when I sit with someone in the context of coaching, the stage is set for miracles and powerful co-creation occurs.

We partner together in a container of authenticity, trust, commitment and inspired vision. Your old ways of thinking, doing and being will surface. We’ll challenge the ones that no longer serve you and forge new ones that do. I won’t hold back in my truth-telling as I see it or in my advocating FOR YOU. Our work will be powerful, deep, one-on-one coaching. This means there may be times when you want to quit on yourself and your vision. It takes doing the work, being willing to be uncomfortable, to try a different way, and staying the course. What is available to you is a life perhaps even greater than the one you’ve wanted, and the joy and fulfillment of the fullest expression of who you are.

Are you ready?

If you want to find out more and explore whether working together would support you, contact me and we will schedule a conversation.