Alweiss- endorsementsVeronica is one of the smartest and most gifted professional coaches I know. She’s fierce in her ability to assist others in seeing what’s in their way. She masterfully supports people in discovering what’s possible without their limitations, and then partners with them into their next level of growth and success. Her coaching is not for the faint of heart – she is both demanding and encouraging in ways most people have never experienced – and the results her clients get are beyond what they ever imagined. My bottom line is don’t miss an opportunity to be coached by Veronica Alweiss – it will be a game changer.

– Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Life and Business Coach

Alweiss- endorsements (1)“Veronica Alweiss is a powerful coach and hugely successful sales team leader…a true gift to anyone wise enough to work with her!”

– Steve Chandler, Master Coach, Speaker, Author 

“It has been invaluable to partner with Veronica for the past year and half as my executive coach. Facebook’s leadership culture is about getting better each day, constantly reinventing ourselves, and a commitment to repeatedly raising the bar — as an individual, team and organization. Veronica has helped me drive sharp focus on what matters most to me — professionally and personally, and I am forever a better leader because of this partnership.

Alweiss- endorsements (2)Veronica has an uncanny knack of asking the simple questions, intently listening, and rapidly helping identify the 1-2 things that matter most. Every session is thoroughly energizing where we dig deep together on the why, what, when, and how of the areas to work on — and leave with clear outcomes.

I especially appreciated her holistic approach to coaching, her support in between the live sessions, and the wealth of knowledge and tools she has in her arsenal — from expert coaching on how to create agreements vs. expectations resulting in fostering high-performance teams to introducing me to the practice of Yoga Nidra in service to my work/life balance — she covered it all. I am also deeply grateful for her attitude of service to each of us here at Facebook, with whom she partners.”

– Kirthiga Reddy, Managing Director – Facebook India

Alweiss- endorsements (3)“I began working with Veronica as I started my journey as a new leader with overwhelming responsibilities. She coached me in my first year in this new leadership role. Veronica has helped me to create a vision for the team and myself, think strategically, and held me accountable for executing on the plan we set together. Veronica is open, candid, direct and bold in identifying opportunities for me to develop. What I especially appreciate is her perspective and approach to tackling developmental areas as potential strengths vs. weaknesses that I had to overcome. 

I am still not 100% clear on what the role of a “coach” is…but Veronica comes pretty darn close to someone I’d want as a partner for self-discovery and leadership development in business and personal life. At the core, Veronica has made me a much better leader, and most importantly a better human being.”

– Benjamin Joe, ‎Country Manager –  Facebook Korea

Alweiss- endorsements (4)“It has been a transformational experience working with Veronica in the last year as my executive coach. We were able to discuss openly regarding challenges I faced every day and we worked hard together on my development areas. I discovered so much about myself through the process. Looking back at where I was a year ago, I could proudly say that I have grown so much because of this joint partnership.”

 – Jayne Leung, Managing Director – Facebook China

“I was in a pivotal fork in my life and knew enough to know I needed professional guidance to help me navigate towards the results I was frustratingly unable to grasp through my own efforts. I’m a spiritual person in nature and knew I wanted to work with a professional who also spoke some type of spiritual language as I believe so much of our path relies on inner guidance. I consider working with a life coach as having an extraordinary dance partner someone who can teach you how to dance through the variety of music you will encounter in your life – and that is exactly what Veronica did for me. Through working with her I learned to strengthen my thinking, move beyond my limiting perspectives and align my thoughts and actions to my heartfelt vision for my life. Above all, I learned to more deeply listen to and heed the wisdom of my inner guidance.

Alweiss- endorsements (5)The changes in my life were extraordinary. On a monetary level, I increased my yearly salary by over 40% within my first month of working with Veronica, because I finally embodied the courage to declare my worth. On a spiritual and emotional level, I healed old wounds, which opened me up to a new way of being and navigating my life – I’m kinder to myself, I act more courageously on my behalf and I hold myself to a higher esteem because my purpose is so clearly aligned now. 

I’m living my version of success today because of these cornerstones. I have since started my own personal development ghostwriting business and have co-written three books and just had my first book published this past year, with another currently in the works. I credit Veronica with being the perfect life dance partner to take the lead when I needed guidance the most. If you struggle with fragmented efforts and repeating old patterns and getting the same results, I highly recommend her.”

– Kat Cowley, Author

Alweiss- endorsements (6)“As a top-notch coach, Veronica motivates you and supports you in having big dreams and taking even bigger actions. When I came to her I was stuck at a career crossroads. With Veronica’s help, I went from being unable to make a decision about what I wanted to having a clear vision, game plan and the enthusiasm to get there. 

A few months later, I have not only met but I have surpassed my original vision – one that at the time seemed unattainable. If you need change in your life but you are unsure about how to create it, you need Veronica.”

– Damona Hoffman, Dating Expert/Producer

“I’ve been fortunate to have worked with several executive coaches during my career, all of whom have had differing styles and methodologies. While all my coaches have proven valuable, I can say without a doubt that Veronica has been the most beneficial to my professional and personal success.

Alweiss- endorsements (7)All coaches listen and provide guidance. What I love about Veronica is she listens, puts herself in your situation, and then not only guides, but expertly assesses, counsels, mentors, and at times, pushes you to act and succeed towards your short and long term goals.

Over a sustained period, Veronica proved immensely helpful as I was leading a regional Asia Pacific team. In particular, she coached me on how to work effectively with a broad spectrum of peers and leaders across different cultures and regions. Further, when I transitioned to a venture funded start-up, I engaged Veronica directly to guide me through the challenges of working with limited resources. I can’t recommend Veronica enough to help anyone at any level to make a huge difference in one’s life and career.”

– Peter Gan, Regional Leader, LinkedIn Asia Pacific


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