Business Coaching

I’ve coached business leaders and senior managers across the globe, in seven countries and four continents. Prior to working with me, they were already high-achievers, acknowledged as top performers in their industry.

My executive clients are leaders who recognize that they have an even greater potential from within themselves ready to emerge

When I coach an executive, as I do with all of my clients, I coach the whole person – the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. No exceptions here. Why? Because your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, choices and whether or not you are living a fulfilled, purposeful and balanced life are all going to the office with you.  

I also coach the executive’s whole life – because often they are challenged with balancing the rest of their lives. The quality of their relationships, their health and well-being, the space for creativity and expansive thinking, for down-time and play and to explore other dreams are often severely diminished.

When we work together over time, my clients learn to bring their best selves to their organizations, their clients, their teams and to the rest of their lives.

They achieve lasting impact on productivity, client relationships, business results and quality of life.

As my client, we identify the areas of opportunity for growth in your leadership and then explore your mindset. We create a bold, inspired vision and a strategic plan. I support you in taking purposeful, aligned action. We establish new behaviors, habits and ways of thinking and being that you need to take your organization, your team and yourself to higher performance levels.

And we’ll handle what’s important to you outside of your work.

Areas of focus within your business include:

       Cultivating enrollment and presenting skills

       Developing skills in diagnosing and resolving organization, team and individual performance challenges

       Improving strategic thinking, vision-based leadership and executive presence

       Developing communication strategies to increase impact and drive transformation

       Role-playing critical conversations

       Cultivating and refining skills in leading effective meetings, supervising projects and promoting the successes of the team

If you want to find out more and explore whether working together would support you, contact me and we will schedule a conversation.